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@ Olivet Middle School

255 First Street, Olivet 49076

Olivet: Courses

Olivet Segment 1 Classes

Cost $410

Olivet Segment 1 February 2023

Class location will be Olivet Community Schools.

Students DOB must be on or before 6/6/08 to participate in this class.  

Class 1   Feb 8,        6-8PM
Class 2   Feb 9,        6-8pm
Class 3   Feb 13,      6-8pm
Class 4   Feb 14,      6-8pm
Class 5   Feb 15,      6-8pm
Class 6   Feb 20,      6-8pm
Class 7   Feb 21,      6-8pm
Class 8   Feb 22,      6-8pm
Class 9   Feb 27,      6-8pm
Class 10 Feb 28,      6-8pm
Class 11 March 1,    6-8pm
Class 12 March 2,    6-8pm 
Please do not pay using our online portal. Payment will be accepted on the first day of class.  Also, it is recommended you do not select purchase protection as it can not be refunded.
The class cost is $410.

Olivet: Courses

Segment 2 - Olivet

Cost $70

If dates have not been posted for the class you want, you can start the registration process to save time later. 
Select the enroll button and start an account.

February 2023- Segment 2

February 16,17,20  2023
Class time 4PM-6PM
Class location is Olivet Community Schools. Must have been issued Level 1 License on or before November 16, 2022 to be eligible for this class. Do not pay online. Payment will be received on the first day of class.

Olivet: List
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